Stems Plein Air Paint 2021
A Juried Plein Air Show

This very special event will be open for public viewing during the month of July at The Rice Gallery of Fine Art in Overland Park, KS. All plein air paintings will be on display and can be purchased both in-store and online at The Rice Gallery of Fine Art.

Featuring original plein air paintings by
Grace Aldrich, Michael Anderson, Jessica Baumgarner, Sarah Berger, Sandy Braga, Jacqueline Chanda, Leigh Coffman, Kathleen Connors, Kimberly Daniel, Larry DeGraff, Ryan Delgado, Tammie Dickerson, Dan Finnell, Jane Flanders, Gloria Gale, Jennylynne Gragg, Leslie Ann Hauer, Pam Holnback, Debra Howard, John Keeling, Kraig Kiedrowski, Linda Kinder, Lynn LaRose, John Lasater, Jianqiao Luan, Julio Mathews, Steven McDonald, Emily McQueen, Marilee Means, Kirstin Novak, Brent O’Connor, DK Palecek, Christi Patterson, Joan Reno, Jennifer Rivas, Robert Simone, Deanna Skokan, Diane Stolz, Jill Tichenor, Rebecca Tombaugh, Christopher Tuscan, Timothy Tyler, Brit Waye, Jane Willhoite, Ken Wilson, & Darla Zook.

Stems Plein Air Paint is brought to you by the Friends of Overland Park Arts, part of the Arts & Recreation Foundation of Overland Park.