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Mark Stephens


During his childhood in central Indiana, Mark would occasionally visit a nearby nature preserve, and roam other woodlands from time to time with friends. Such excursions enriched his love for nature and the transient light of the outdoors. These memories have affected his present approach to landscape painting.

Educated at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, Mark was mentored by two instructors: fantasy artist James C. Christensen, and classical figure painter, William Whitaker. After graduating, he began what became a fulfilling career as an illustrator, most notably working as an artist for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City.

Now painting full-time, Mark states, “I frequently look at the sky, and occasionally the light, color, or mood of a particular morning or evening can stop me in my tracks. I can become enamored when atmospheric elements seem to harmonize to create a scene of beauty. When painting landscapes, I’m influenced by the work of 19th century landscape masters such as American painter, George Inness, and Russian artist, Isaac Levitan. Like them, I enjoy trying to capture what is often fleeting light and it’s subtle gradations of color on canvas. I hope to create a mood that can bring a pleasurable connection to the viewer.”

Mark’s paintings can now be found in both public and private collections. He has won awards in prestigious national art competitions, exhibiting in Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, and Oregon.