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Jerry Moon


Jerry Moon was born in 1961 in England, to an American father and a British mother. He spent most of his childhood in England, and moved to the U.S. permanently in 1973. He decided he’d be an artist when he was six. He grew up in suburbia, drawing trees and other doodles on the margins of his schoolwork, painting sunsets on the white rocks he found in the garden, and taking photographs of those things that interested him so he could render them in graphite. He took every art class he could in high school, and was fortunate enough to have very supportive parents, enthusiastic and knowledgeable secondary school teachers, and in this climate he flourished, winning a Scholastic Art Award many times, and the Kodak Medallion of Exellence once. He graduated third in his class, with a few scholarships and a great full time job at a grocery store, and attended Central Missouri State University for a year and a half.

He got restless, quit school, quit his job, and traveled for two years, learning the way of the world and bartending to make a living. He began attending the Kansas City Art Institute in 1983, which he graduated from in 1986. It was there that he learned the responsibilities and joys of an artist. Just before graduation from college, he got married and became a father, and he discovered that fatherhood was actually as much, if not more, fun than painting. He is inordinately proud of his children, who are now 14, 18, and 26.

Searching for some stability for his children, he managed to get hired at Hallmark Cards, as an artist, in 1987. He’s worked there for 25 years, drawing and painting through the day, parenting through the evening, and pursuing his paintings at night, usually after his children fall asleep. He paints virtually every night, using photographs that he takes on his many exploratory day trips throughout the Midwest. He is fascinated by turbulent weather, and clouds in especial. He loves living in a region of the country that enjoys manifestations of all four seasons. Autumn is his favorite, but he revels in the violent thunderstorms of late summer and early fall, too. It is Nature, and her whims, that move him.