Artist Gallery
Dave Merrill

Dave Merrill was born in the small town of Payson, Utah, and grew up in the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains. Dave’s appreciation of nature grew as he did and soon his passion to capture the images he saw won him attention. His early years were spent drawing the animals he caught in orchards, fields, and local streams and ponds. As an Eagle Scout, Dave was able to appreciate the many beautiful scenes of nature and habitat that he had grown up loving so much.Over the years, Dave Merrill, has garnered many awards from entering calendar contests as kid to national art competitions. Dave’s visual world expanded as he traveled from California to Canada and after high school lived in Argentina for two years where he learned to speak fluent Spanish and adapt to strong European culture. During these years Dave learned to appreciate the diverse peoples and different cultures he experienced as much as nature. Eventually he earned an academic and art scholarship at Brigham Young University and received his BFA in Visual Arts, all the while working as a designer and illustrator for WordPerfect Corporation.

In 1994, Merrill decided to dedicate all his time to painting and walked out of the corporate world and entered his studio to paint the outdoor scenes and portraits he has become famous for. In his Native American themed pieces, Dave seeks to portray the harmony that existed between nature and the Native Americans. He shows great appreciation for the respect that Native Americans have for the land they cultivated and the animals they hunted. Since then, his paintings have been commissioned and purchased by corporations and other private collectors worldwide.Dave is a nationally listed artist and has won many awards including this years’ Artist Magazine award for Best Oil Painter in the Animals Category.