Artist Gallery
Bill “Wild” Weldon

A restless spirit from the beginning; he was born in London to a very young British mother and a father whose roots remain a mystery. So the journey of mother and child began and their travels would rival a gypsy’s journal. Traversing the mid-century 1950’s landscape reinforce an already open and creative mind in the artist to be. New people, new landscapes, and new social issues: all keenly observed and committed to memory.

Did well in school, but was disinterested, working hard at every job but moved on quickly, savored personal relationships but cherished few as meaningful. So five countries, forty eight states, forty two jobs and thirty five years later, the artist trapped inside an engineers body emerged with reckless abandon and no formal art training. The mediums of glass, stone, and steel were devoured, analyzed and revisited, until no longer a challenge the sculpture was abandoned, but from its demise a strong sense of composition emerged; which became the foundation for the next chapter in life; painting.

It is the artist opinion that abstract painting is the “Soul” of artistic expression. It is also the artist’s opinion that life must be lived, must be attacked voraciously from every angle. It must be absorbed and digested and rejected. It is this struggle in life (love, passion, regret, disappointment, failure) that fuels and directs all creative endeavors. You cannot paint without nature. Color means nothing without passion. You need to experience life and the strength to overcome and express the emotions within! The confluence of these life forces becomes a work on canvas.

Each canvas is an original taking over 40 layers of paint. Creating the bold color, extremely textured and distressed surface.

Major influences: Dali, Pollack, Rothco, O’Keefe, Modigliani, Frank Lloyd Wright.