Artist Gallery
Angus Macpherson

In the autumn of 1983 Angus Macpherson quit his “day job” to spend full time on his art career. Sales with an Albuquerque gallery to several art collectors convinced Macpherson that the time had come to dedicate himself to painting. Macpherson continued with the gallery for over twenty years and during that time Peggy Rice added several Macpherson paintings to her collection. Peggy took her love of art when she moved from New Mexico back to her home state of Kansas and created the Rice Gallery of Fine Art in 2002. The art of Angus Macpherson has always been a part of her business.
“More than most American landscape paintiers today, Macpherson has focused on the ever-changing conditions of the atmosphere on the landscape – especially the effects of moisture-laden air on the appearances of land and sky. He excels at giving visible form to the power of these natural forces on paintings filled with remarkable drama and infinite variety.” writes Martha H Kennedy in a previous show catalog. Macpherson’s art has been collected by museums, corporations and private collectors across the United States.
This new group of paintings at the Rice Gallery continue Macpherson’s story about the colors and the drama of our world, sometimes stormy or sometimes serene in the pattern of trees or quiet in the mystery of night.