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Aaron Norris


I was raised outside the small town of Garden City, Missouri, surrounded by timber and pasture. I remember watching storms roll through, slowly engulfing the tree lines and distant silos and cattle. There’s something beautiful and haunting about it that I try to capture in my art. I’ve always loved the look, smell, and sound of an unrestrained thunderstorm or the way a snow front moves in and blocks out the horizon. I want my work to reflect the ambivalence of nature and the idea that at any moment, a serene sky can turn violent if it wants. I want to feel that energy when I’m painting. I want to feel exhausted after completing a piece of art.

I now live and paint from my home studio in Raymore, Missouri. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Central Missouri State University in 2003. I’ve worked as a full-time Graphic Designer since graduating from college, but my true passion has always been painting.


I want to create thoughtful, transcendent landscapes that are tangible and compelling to the viewer.